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Ogoño desde Mundaka

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 Basque Country Routes – Geological Turism

Aitzpiri Geoturismoa is a company of geologists dedicated to share geodiversity.
Aitzpiri Geoturismoa offers you geological trips throughout the Basque Cantabrian Basin.
You will discover its amazing structures and landscapes with expert guides aided
by graphic media for your enjoyment and enrichment.

About us

In Aitzpiri Geoturismoa we aim our customers to live an experience
unforgettable through the Basque Cantabrian Basin
and its geological structures.

Adrián Santamaría


I’m a geologist specialised in geological hazards. I discovered geology thanks to my family, thanks to their environmental knowledge and love of nature. The objectives that led me to create this project are my concerns for the conservation of nature and the non interventionist enjoyment thereof.

Information and booking

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